Tuesday, 31 March 2015


It is a great day for Nigeria my country, democracy has won. The people have spoken, and they have been heard.

Unseating the incumbent is usually an impossible task in Africa, so improbable is its success that the incumbent usually just sit back and wait for the attack, assured in incumbency that victory is certain but the dire need for change gave us the audacity to dream of it in an environment where the proposed had never been achieved. 

Today it has been realized, the incumbent has conceded defeat to the challenger, but in reality, the victory belongs to the Nigerian people. The people rose up, demanded change, voted, protected their votes and God blessed all the efforts.

This victory belongs to the people of Nigeria either you voted for the winner or not. The expected benefits will be enjoyed by all Nigerians. We have started to take our rightful place in the political affairs of our nation, now we can beat our chests and say that we are indeed part of the governance of our country, we are part of the team saddled with the responsibility of moving Nigeria forward and allowing Her Her rightful place, we will be heard.

While we celebrate the victory, it must be noted that if and when we feel that those elected to serve us have failed, we will change them too. Incumbency has lost its place in our national polity.

They may have told us what we wanted to hear to enable them get our votes, but they have also politically weaponized us with the armaments needed to evaluate their tenure and effect the necessary change if needed when the time comes: our collective voice.

Power has returned to the people.

It is a great day in Nigerian politics.

This is just the beginning.

God bless Nigeria.