Monday, 18 February 2013

Kim Kardashian and Our Love like a Movie Concert

Kim Kardashian was at Darey’s “Love like a movie” concert and ever since there has been a lot of talk going back and forth about if her presence was necessary. Some of the comments I have read are quite amusing. 

Whether we want to accept it or not, the lady is an internationally recognized celebrity, even if she rose to it through notoriety and a wave(s) of negative publicity. We may not accept how she got there, but there is nothing we can do about it now. Haba! A lot of other people have gotten even more publicity on worse things. At least she did not kill anyone to get there, like some people. This is not to say I support her vehicle to rise, but there really is nothing anyone can do about it now. 

The lady has found a way to turn a really bad situation into something lucrative, some people have even tried to imitate her path to fame, with little or no success. The queen of reality TV has over 17.3 million followers on twitter, and over 12.5 million likes on Face book who tune in to stories and issues concerning her as fast as they happen. With such a following, she is a market on her own.

I have heard comments asking why Darey involved her. She is a brand with a large following, the publicity surrounding her and any event she is linked to obviously answer that question. Some even said she is not a good role model, how many entertainers are? I however do not believe that we should ever entrust the modelling of our children’s or ward’s character to individuals that do not have any vested and or selfless interest in their well being. It is not their responsibility. If you dey wait make Kim Kardashian show you or your ward how to behave, then you are on a very long thing!

Someone even said “she only showed for about 45 seconds”. Wrong! She co-hosted the red carpet with Darey and kicked off the concert. Kim no come sing, or dance. She came to appear, that’s her major talent (no insult intended). That’s what she is usually paid for, to make appearances at events in order to attract attendance, and that’s what she did. A lot of people also came to see Kim, and also to confirm if na lie Darey dey lie say she go come (smirk).  Well, she was there
Kim being there gave Darey and the concert a boost in worldwide exposure and  publicity. She came, she saw, she don go back.

No worries Nne Kim. Wish you well: peace, love, joy and eventually heaven. 

God bless Naija.